Success is measured by knowledge

CFT tutors are all very experienced and fully qualified in their respective specialty subjects, usually at least two subjects per tutor. All CFT tutors are independent agents and Blue Card registered. Some examples of CFT tutors:


Dr. John Coles, BSc, PhD, Senior Tutor
Specialising in Maths A, B, C, and Physics. John has 20+ years experience in one-to-one tutoring, an honours degree in physics, and a doctorate by research from the University of Cambridge.


Lorelle, BPham, BA, Senior Tutor
Specialising in Junior Science, Senior Chemistry and Biology. Lorelle was a former high school Head of Chemistry with 20+ years experience as a tutor.

CFT seeks new independent tutors. They must have (or apply for) a Blue Card, and be qualified in English, or Maths, or a science – apart from any other special subjects in which they may be qualified.

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